1369 Jerusalem Rd        
Watinsville, Georgia 30677
24 Hour Emergency: 706-688-9111
Located in Watkinsville, Georgia, CCEVS is an all equine, primarily
ambulatory, practice specializing in all things sport horse! From
routine care and breeding your mare or collecting your stallion, to
pre purchase exams, and extensive lameness investigations, we have
the equipment and expertise to support your endeavors.
Encompassing conventional medicine and Traditional Chinese
Veterinary Medicine (acupuncture and specialized Chinese herbal
formulations) in addition to other physiotherapies, we combine
modalities to ensure a comprehensive approach to your horse's care.
At CCEVS, we promise to:'

- Provide 24/7 emergency care and advice.

- Recognize the needs of our clients, human and equine, as our top

- Stay on top of the best diagnostic modalities available, and offer
referral when most appropriate.

- Lead the field in the provision of equine specialty veterinary care.